Issue: February 1, 2002

Tortilla Trailer

TORONTO - Topix (www.topix. com) helped introduce Proctor & Gamble's new Torengos tortilla chips via a theatrical trailer that preceded the new Harry Potter film. The "coming attraction" was designed to help build anticipation for the new white-corn tortilla chip, which became available in early December.

Moviegoers were provided with special glasses that helped decipher words such as "rptay," "urvyc" and "ortesnog." The Topix team was challenged with creating a charming figure that would get those watching to put on their glasses. They used the product's packaging to establish the yellow, orange, red and green color pallette. They also added textures and shifted colors to make the visuals look electric without the glasses. The glasses filter out reds, yellows and magentas, leaving only the blue colors revealing the clues.

Lee Towndrow was the designer/Inferno artist on the project. Sylvain Taillon executive produced for Topix and Cheyenne Bloomfield produced. Adobe After Effects and Illustrator, along with 3D Studio Max, was used for the backgrounds. Compositing was handled in Inferno.

The trailer was conceived by agency D'Arcy.