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July 2015
Issue: January 1, 2002

Pepsi’s New Twist

SANTA MONICA - BBDO recently called on several post facilities to help add a new "twist" to a national favorite. Disguise was created to help launch Pepsi's new Twist and Diet Pepsi Twist soft drinks, which are enhanced with the flavor of lemon. The commercial stars familiar Pepsi spokes-kid Hallie Eisenberg who is spotted drinking a Pepsi. With a visual effects twist, Eisenberg unzippers her head to reveal actress Halle Berry, who is drinking another version of the soda.

Berry also unzips, this time revealing actor Barry Boswick.

Crew Cuts editor David Lee and assistant editor Martin Henson teamed up to cut the project, which features visual effects by Santa Monica's Sight Effects. The effects studio handled the zipper transitions with Melissa Davies and Adrian Hurley serving as visual effects supervisors. Jeff Blodgett was the visual effects producer on the project, with Chris Stevens and Michelle Steinau acting as artists. Stevens employed Discreet Flame as part of the effects solution.

Animation for the commercial was handled by In-Sight Pix, also in Santa Monica, with animators Stephen McClure, Michael Capton and Jason Mortimer all contributing. Mike Cosola of The Digital Lab handled color correction for the spot, which includes an original track by Face the Music in New York. The final mix was handled by Michael Marinelli and assistant engineer Karyn Kellner of NYC's Buzz.