Issue: July 1, 2002

Fire Away

HOLLYWOOD - The Post Group ( recently completed 25 complex visual effects for the arson thriller Point of Origin. The film is based on the novel of the same name and aired on HBO in June.

Starring Ray Liotta and John Leguizamo, Point of Origin is based on the true story of a serial arsonist and the efforts of the fire department investigators to bring him to justice. The film, directed by Newton Thomas Sigel, was shot and finished in 24p HD, then output to film.

The Post Group team used Discreet's Inferno on an SGI Onyx 2 to perform over 25 effects, including rotoscoping and rig removal, as well as placing an actor's head on a stunt double who had been set on fire.

The Post Group effects team included senior effects artist Mark Intravartolo, effects artists Chris Clausing and Danny Mudgett and online editor Randy Magalski. Title design and color correction were also completed at The Post Group by Intravartolo and Wade Felker, respectively.