Issue: June 1, 2002


TORONTO - Side Effects Software is growing its Houdini family of 3D software products with two new upcoming releases and improved pricing. The two new products that will soon be a part of the family include a standalone character animation tool and a compositing and image effects product. The company has also lowered the point of its entry level Houdini Select 3D application.

Houdini Select is now available at a list price of $1,299 for a node-locked version and $1,599 for a floating license. The software features the identical modeling, animation, texturing, shading and Mantra rendering tools as the full version of Houdini. Setting it apart, the full version of Houdini also includes POPs (particle operators), CHOPs (channel operators), COPs (compositing operators), character tools and output to alternate render packages like RenderMan and Mental Ray.

A site license of the Houdini Mantra renderer is now available at no additional charge to those currently enrolled in the Annual Upgrade Plan for one or more copies of full Houdini. Houdini Select includes two Houdini Mantra licenses. Additional rendering licenses for Houdini Select may be purchased separately at $250 per processor.