Issue: May 1, 2002

Alien Treats

LOS ANGELES - With the theatrical re-release of E.T. cashing in at the box office, Reese's Pieces is looking to piggy-back on this success to cash in at the candy stand.

In the new spot, Reeses's E.T., a bowl of Reese's Pieces begins to move, slowly at first, then spinning around and orbiting around the candy's package in mid-air. The chocolate solar system whizzes across the room until we see the beloved E.T. character beckoning the candy toward him. As the candy swirls around him, his extended finger begins to glow and ingests the candy.

Robert Caruso of Industrial Light and Magic Commercials ( in Los Angeles directed the ad and the ILM team executed all the effects. It was edited by Alan Chementi at LA's Red Car and color corrected at LA's Company 3 by Steve Rodriguez. Skywalker Sound in San Rafael, CA, created the sound design and mixed the spot.