Issue: May 1, 2002


DALLAS - Satellite television seems easy enough, but is it really? The Richards Group in Dallas and Easyway Editorial ( answer a resounding, and hilarious, "No" in the latest two campaigns for AT&T Broadband Cable.

The first campaign features a DSL installer as he explains the unreliability of the satellite signal, the special equipment needed, the program fees, upcharges and legally binding contracts.

In Low Tech, the installer sets up the system for an eager group of football fans. When he finishes the installation - complete with "rabbit ears" on top of the TV - the picture is completely unclear. Not to worry, the installer assures the fans, as he pulls out a special "signal enhancer," which is aluminum foil and starts to wrap the foil around the rabbit ears.

The second campaign is set in Camp DSL, where DSL customer service operators are trained to make up excuses to avoid serving the customers' needs. The seven comic spots in the two campaigns were edited by Tom Aberg on an Avid.