Issue: September 1, 2002

New York Postings: Urban Cowboy


NEW YORK - Reflecting the growing popularity of country music even among the city-folk, the Diecks Group ( added a fresh, urban edge to the down-home country style in the new ten-spot identity campaign for the Country Music Channel.

Featuring clips from country artists like Tim McGraw, The Dixie Chicks and Dara Evans, the 10-second Ids combine the distinctive red, blue or yellow colors of that make up the CMT logo with stylized street signs that point the way to the best spot to hear today's country music. The performances of the different singers, each with a different color tint, are cut together so that the different songs blend into one.

Significant time was spent during the edit to get the timing and tempo right so that the songs would match up against each other. The Diecks Group took still photos of street signs, then colored and manipulated the images using Adobe's Photoshop and Illustrator and then animated the signs with After Effects.