Issue: September 1, 2002

New York Postings: Verbal Venture

NEW YORK - In an effort to encourage youths to be more active, Saatchi & Saatchi enlisted Spontaneous Combustion ( to design the four-spot Verb campaign for The Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Immerse opens with the animated form of a woman bouncing off a diving board and soaring high above a pool. The pool's surface is made up of hundreds of different active verbs like swim, run, catch and play. The woman plunges in and swims through the verbose water. When she resurfaces, the verbs blanket her entire body. As she steps out, her footprint leaves the word "Verb" as the voiceover states, "Verb, it's what you do."

The team at Spontaneous used Softimage|XSI to create and animate the basic form of the woman and the environment. Adobe's set of Photoshop and Illustrator were used to make all the words and After Effects was used to texture map the words onto the pool's surface and the girl's body once she comes out of the pool. Discreet's Inferno was used for compositing.