By Marc Loftus
Issue: March 1, 2005


Last month, I spoke of the lure of boutiques, small creative facilities that offer niche services to clients while also serving as creative outlets for their respective owners. Fearless Music in Manhattan's Hell's Kitchen is one such example. Founded by Jamie Lamm, this commercial music house has a history of creating original tracks for spots, with high-profile clients including BMW, Audi, Gatorade, Victoria's Secret and Pontiac.

But over the past few years, Lamm has noticed a change in the music-for-spots business. Fewer clients are coming to him for original tracks, and more and more they are licensing music. He saw the business was changing and he felt Fearless Music had to change too.

He still offers custom music services, of course, but decided to branch out while keeping his musical roots and interests in mind. The result is Fearless Music the TV show, an original, reality-style show that highlights up-and-coming recording artists. Reality programming is booming and Lamm saw an opening for one with a music theme. He went to NATPE this year, and while cooking and decorating shows were everywhere, no one was venturing into music. He was on to something.

Lamm spent the past year revamping his facility to accommodate live shoots. He consulted with a friend at MTV and found that low-cost, high-quality DV cameras would allow him to create the broadcast-quality content he was striving for. So he bought a few Panasonic cameras. Not two or three - nine DVX 100A 24p units, along with an SH-2 Steadicam, and set them up in his modest studio, using a Panasonic AG MX 70 switcher to edit on the fly. He]s also got Apple Final Cut Pro and Avid Mojo for further editing needs, and handles all of the sound on a Big by Langley console.

Then he booked some time on Time Warner Cable. "Fearless Music" appears on Channel 35 on Mondays at 8:30pm featuring bands like Heather, Billionaire Boys Club, The Datsuns, Old 97's, The Golden Republic, The Delgados and Earlimart, among others. And sponsors Sam Ash Music and Rheingold beer are lending their support.

But it's not just about the TV show. Lamm is also exposing new talent to his agency contacts while introducing bands to the concept of licensing their music.

One more example of a creative with a vision.