David Basulto
Issue: August 1, 2007


PRODUCT: Intelligent Gadgets' SyncVuePro


PRICE: $199.95 for single seat license; volume discounts available
- Synced online video
- Final Cut Pro integration
- Export HTML page complete with frames, notes and more

Ok, this is getting scary. I am starting to think the folks at Intelligent Gadgets, brains behind media collaboration tool SyncVue, are getting into my head. Since January I have been using SyncVue to approve and get approvals on my film Fiesta Grand. Since I'm in LA and my executive producer, my assistant editor and my post sound person were in Florida, I hated doing the approval process via overnight UPS. Not only was it getting expensive but it took valuable hours away as well. Then shazaam! SyncVue arrives to save the day. It has worked extremely well and I am most pleased. That being said, my little brain is always ticking away… what if they added this or that? That would be cool.

Well sometimes good things just get better. After seeing the new SyncVuePro at work, Intelligent Gadgets has made my wishes come true. For those who have used SyncVue get ready, SyncVuePro is SyncVue on major steroids.


First, a little about the old version: SyncVue is a Skype-based online media collaboration tool. SyncVue allows users to review and annotate video, audio and still graphic media, in sync with anyone and anywhere in the world. Have a deadline but you need a quick approval from the creative director who happens to be in Las Vegas for the weekend? No problem. As long as both parties have Skype (SyncVue uses Skype to provide live voice-over-Internet protocol or instant messaging) you can get your approval fast and easy. For those who are from Mars and don't know about Skype, it's a free voice-over-Internet protocol for Macintosh and Windows.

Have a client in Hong Kong and you are in Chicago? No problem. Upload your media file via FTP and off you go. Both you and the client can collaborate, add notes and even export an XML file for Apple Final Cut. And since it's via Skype there are no long distance charges.

The new SyncVuePro, as I said above, is SyncVue on supercharged major steroids. Not only did they add my wish list, but they injected even more cool features.


I love my executive producer, after all he does write the checks, but he tends to be a bit computer challenged. I found myself constantly having to rehash how to download files via FTP. New monster, SyncVuePro eliminates that. I can now collaborate with perfectly synced media directly from the Web. This is huge. All I need to do is open my favorite FTP program, drag my file for upload. I then send my client the link and off we go. All I need is my URL; I think I can do that.

Collaborators can now draw, make notes or annotation right on the shared media files for all to see. Any frame is at your disposal as well for use with the virtual laser pointer. The virtual laser pointer allows you the freedom to highlight specific areas of interest.

This is a cool feature. Hate to type? No problem. SyncVuePro lets you record comments, recommendations, or even ideas (yes, we do get those once in awhile). This is great to recall or share with your collaborating party.

There are also new playlists. The new database lets users track all the media files wherever they reside. Uploaded them to a server? Have them on a networked drive? Put them on the Web? No problem! SyncVuePro has you covered.

Still like FTP? With SyncVuePro's new built-in FTP function you can automatically upload media within a project to, get this, multiple FTP locations. Clients who are running SyncVuePro will then receive media files as they become available, enabling them be in "sync" at all times.

And, as hinted at earlier, there is now Final Cut Pro integration. After finishing your review session, why not make sure your changes are reflected in your edit? Simply export the SyncVuePro session notes into an XML file and then import them into Final Cut Pro. The timecode markers and notes will be there for your fixes. Nice!


Ok, how about this: if my executive producer can't make it to a live session with my assistant editor and myself, what do I do? How about exporting an HTML page complete with printed video frames, graphics, titles, notes and timecode? Now all he has to do is click on the page and view the completed session.


I loved what I saw in the new SyncVuePro. This is a huge upgrade for SyncVue users. Current users will be getting a free upgrade email from Intelligent Gadgets soon. Make sure to check for it since you only get 30 days to complete the upgrade. Also, SyncVuePro will supersede the current SyncVue. I highly recommend SyncVuePro to any content maker. It will make your collaborations in life much easier.

David Basulto is a Producer/Director and Editor with Clarity Pictures in South Pasadena, CA. He can be reached at: