Issue: Monday, April 16, 2007


LAS VEGAS – Later this summer, Panasonic ( will release the AJ-HDP2000 2K Processor, a system that allows pros to record and process 2K and HD images to D-5 VTRs for editing, interchange and distribution. Designed specifically for use with telecine systems and especially within the DI workplace, the AJ-HDP2000 processor uses JPEG2000 compression, the same scheme specified by the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) for cinema release.

The AJ-HDP2000 processor accepts 12-bit 4:4:4, 2K, 2048x1080 resolution film image data, or 12-bit 4:4:4 sampled 1920x1080 HD images, and records to the AJ-HD3700H, AJ-HD3700A and AJ-HD3700B D-5 HD VTRs for editing, archiving and distribution. Using the advanced compression algorithm, film can be converted to digital data for subsequent processing in advanced DI environments.

The AJ-HDP2000’s JPEG2000 wavelet-based compression format ensures that images remain faithful throughout the recording process and are never subjected to potentially visible DCT block-based artifacts. The advanced encoding minimizes distortion and resolution degradation and offers optimized bit rate control and increased error tolerance for reliable interchange required in editing. For ease of monitoring and interfacing with more traditional high definition equipment, Panasonic has added a 4:4:4 to 4:2:2 conversion capability.

The numerous post facilities that have invested in D-5 will be able to use their current HD3700s, and through software, upgrade them for 2K and HD post production. In standard definition video applications, the AJ-HD3700B VTR can record and playback both uncompressed 625 line and 525 line digital component video, while in high definition applications, the AJ-HD3700B provides full-bandwidth 4:2:2 digital 10-bit component recording in a wide variety of image sizes and frame rates.

The full audio capability of the D-5 format is maintained, including eight-channel 24-bit recordings, as well as the ability of the system to handle compression audio streams for multi-channel/second language applications

Maximum record time will be 155 minutes at 24fps HD/2K modes. The AJ-HDP2000 will be available in August 2007 at a suggested list price of $35,000.