Issue: Thursday, April 19, 2007


LAS VEGAS - DataDirect Networks showed a number of Silicon Storage Appliance (S2A) storage solutions at NAB this week, designed for video, animation/rendering and 2K/4K DI applications.

The S2A HPC Storage Solution (HPCSS) is a cost-effective, realtime, scalable, high performance cluster storage solution that can serve as an alternative to DAS. Designed to overcome the scalability limitations of block-based storage, the HPCSS can accommodate up to six 2K and two 4K realtime streams to multiple workstations with a 2.5GB/s per solution building block.

The company’s SATA disk-based active digital archive solution offers a scalable NFS file serving solution for secondary digital intermediate storage, digital asset management and backup and recovery applications. Configured in a small footprint the solution is very dense and can deliver up to 125 hours of 4K, 10-bit resolution video, and considerably more for 2K or HD formats.

The S2A9550 with CXFS SAN file system is a realtime, heterogeneous data sharing storage area network solution that delivers extreme performance of up to 15GB/s per file system while sustaining a high quality of service for video, 2K & 4K DI applications. The solution is capable of streaming up to six 2K streams of two 4K streams for DI playback.