Mark Smith
Issue: Thursday, April 19, 2007


LAS VEGAS – At NAB, Vizrt unveiled a new version of Viz|Multi-Platform Suite (MPS), the company’s end-to-end platform that delivers realtime graphics and video content to Internet browsers and mobile devices. While most solutions embed graphics within the video stream, resulting in lower resolution and non-personalized content, Viz|MPS keeps the graphic and video content disassociated until the last minute.

The compositing of video and graphics happens directly on the viewer’s display with realtime 3D graphics rendered locally by each platform (phone or PC). This creates the highest quality graphic resolution and content that is both platform- and user-specific. Because Viz|MPS is fully integrated within the Vizrt product suite, a station’s production workflow is unchanged, but content can now be distributed directly to any platform – PC or phone. The graphics operator simply presses take and the Viz|MPS server defines which graphic content to distribute to which client.