Issue: Tuesday, April 17, 2007


LAS VEGAS - Arri made a number of announcements at NAB on Monday. The company's D-20 film style digital camera is available for rent worldwide - though not yet for sale - and has been used in the production of numerous commercials and films, including Hogfather, Afrika Mon Amour and The Company. The unit now features a fiber interface that allows users to connect the camera to an SRW deck from as far away as 1,600 feet. It can also now handle speed ramps.

Arri has also updated its Arriflex 235 camera, allowing it to shoot up to 75 frames per second for slow motion sequences. New cameras will ship with this enhancement and existing cameras can be upgraded to handle the faster frame rate.

For the company's Arriscan film scanner, Arri is showcasing the Digital Dailies Base Package, designed to help streamline the digital dailies process. The Base Package increases the speed of the system and adds both flash and frame-line detection. At double exposure, the system can scan 5fps at 2K or 1.5fps at 4K. At single exposure, the unit can scan 8fps at 2K. The package adds a black & white preview function while film is winding.