Issue: Tuesday, April 17, 2007


LAS VEGAS - Cintel ( is showing its range of film scanning solutions at this year’s NAB show. The DataMill-2K/4K dual-purpose scanner/telecine allows studios to upgrade to realtime SD/HD telecine transfers within their existing workflow, and at the same time offer 2K and 4K data ingest at speeds of up to 15fps as they build their digital intermediate pipeline. DataMill is capable of scanning 8/S8mm, 16/S16mm, 35/S35mm and 65/70mm film.

The new Millennium-HD telecine system configuration allows for affordable SD/HD transfers. The system is offered with a range of upgrade paths and maintenance options so that customers can feel confident in the longevity of their investment.

For studios requiring a dedicated film scanner, the Cintel Ditto offers pin-registered film scanning to Super 2K and 4K files in a low-cost and compact package. At the show, a new 16mm/S16mm gate is being introduced allowing for scanning of the vast majority of film used in DI processing. Cintel has been working with customers Nordisk Film in Stockholm and Instituto Luce in Rome to enhance the film handling abilities of the 35mm gate to deal with less-than-perfect film.

On display at the booth is the D/SCO dust and scratch concealment option, which allows the user a controllable amount of optical correction at the scanner itself and works with all film emulsions, including black & white stock.

And Cintel’s ImageMill image processing platform is being shown running the Grace and Steady applications. Grace is a multi-standard grain reduction tool that provides users with any degree of grain removal. Steady allows for realtime SD and HD sub-pixel image stabilization of either film- or video-acquired images. 2K and 4K data can be stabilized at up to 15fps via HSDL. ImageMill can work at resolutions from SD through HD to 2K and 4K data, regardless of film gauge and image format, running tape-to-tape or disc-to-disc.