Issue: Tuesday, April 17, 2007


LAS VEGAS - Intelligent Gadgets, the developer of the Skype-based SyncVue collaborative digital media review and approval application, has upgraded the tool to include several new enhancements. SyncVuePro ( now allows users to view online QuickTime media. In the past, media had to be distributed to users prior to collaborative sessions. The tool also includes an intelligent playlist feature that enables users to track all assets/media files as they become available, keeping everyone in sync at all times.

A graphic layer has been added, allowing participants to draw, make notes or annotate directly on the shared media. Voice notes can now be added and assigned to specific frames. And a storyboard HTML export feature allows for video frames - with graphics, titles and timecode - to be exported as HTML files for viewing locally or on the Web.

Seats cost less than $200 each, and volume discounts are available.