Issue: Tuesday, April 17, 2007


LAS VEGAS – Iridas, maker of desktop film-resolution playback devices, is at the Arri booth with its new FrameCycler Professional 2007 and FrameCycler Digital Daily System 2007. Both applications ( are available on the Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms, and offer a more intuitive interface along with numerous functionality enhancements. In addition, Iridas’ DualStream stereoscopic technology is now available for all FrameCycler applications.

FrameCycler Professional 2007 provides animators, compositors, and content creators with tools for desktop review and analysis of their work. Playlists can be built and edited on the timeline, imported from the company's SpeedGrade color correction tool or from earlier versions of FrameCycler, or launched from the command line. LUTs and .Looks can be loaded and applied to the timeline, individual clips, or a combination of both.

With FrameCycler Digital Daily System 2007, facilities have access to unlimited direct-from-disk playback at HD, 2K and higher resolutions. Along with interface enhancements, FrameCycler DDS 2007 introduces EDL conform and SDI-out for live broadcast-quality playback without rendering.

Both FrameCycler Professional 2007 and FrameCycler DDS 2007 include ReviewLink for secure, synchronized remote collaboration sessions over the Internet. Iridas’ DualStream stereoscopic playback technology is now available as an optional module for both applications.

Also being shown is Iridas’ SpeedGrade Digital Daily System, which allows users to work on film reels directly without requiring them to build a timeline. SpeedGrade DDS stores all grading information non-destructively as metadata, which can be re-used in the final DI. Support for Iridas .Look files enable a seamless integration with looks designed on set. SpeedGrade DDS is being shown with integration of ArriScan flash frame detection for automatic take assignment.

Iridas’ SpeedGrade HD system offers realtime primary and secondary color grading capabilities along with EDL conform on the Mac and Windows platforms. The application is now Universal Binary so it will run natively on both G5 (PowerPC) and Intel-based Mac workstations. SpeedGrade HD is a suitable companion application for editing applications and is targeted primarily at independent filmmakers and boutique facilities working in video formats. Since it shares the same scripting language, SpeedGrade HD can also serve as an assistant workstation for colorists working with SpeedGrade DI.

The company recently announced its partnering with Vision Research, a developer in high-speed digital imaging, to support the Cine RAW file format. This means that filmmakers working with Phantom HD and Phantom 65 cameras will have native file support for color grading and playback with Iridas’ SpeedGrade and FrameCycler applications.