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April 2016
Issue: July 1, 2008


SAN FRANCISCO - Kontent Films and Core Studios, here, recently teamed up to create a VFX-driven two-minute music video that promotes Sony's Playstation 3. Kontent's Eric Escobar directed the project, which is based around a live action actor who is immersed in a virtual world that surrounds him with game content and video media.


What You Need plays online and in stores, demonstrating to viewers the depth of the PS3 game system. Participants can compete in numerous HD gaming titles, as well as connect online, store music CDs, display and save digital photos, shop the Playstation store and watch Blu-ray discs using the system.

The video features pop/lock dancers Jonathan "Bionic" Bayani and RJ Navalta, who were captured against a greenscreen. In the finished video, they interact with virtual video screens. Their dance moves help unlock the power of the PS3 and reveal its vast capabilities.

Working directly with the client, Escobar, co-director Mark Decena
and the production crew shot the piece in a single day on a stage at Goal Line Studios outside San Francisco. Live action was captured using a Pegasus crane and a Sony F950 camera. Core Studio's team coordinated the movement of the dancers with the cameras, building the revolving virtual environment using Autodesk Maya and Adobe After Effects.

The "What You Need" track was created by Galactic and Lyrics Born, and was mixed at Sirius Sound.