David Basulto
Issue: April 1, 2009


PRODUCT: Ikan’s V8000HDMI monitor



- Lightweight
- Compatible with a range of batteries
- Beautiful color

When I first turned on the new Ikan V8000HDMI monitor, a line from one of my favorite movies came to mind. My version of Dave Bowman’s “My God, it’s full of stars” line from 2001 A Space Odyssey was, “My God, “it’s full of colors!” Beautiful, dense, vivid colors.

As a filmmaker and content provider, I always look for quality and price when I’m shopping for new products. When I was in the market for a monitor I decided to look into Ikan’s product line. After viewing some of their products at last year’s NAB show I thought they might have something I would like.

My goal is to find products whose technology will not go out of date anytime soon. What I wanted for monitoring my shoots needed to have the following: high definition, HDMI, component capability and a good price. Did Ikan have something to fulfill my needs? The answer is yes. Welcome to the new V8000HDMI.


After plugging in the V8000HDMI to my Canon camera via the HDMI port, I was instantly drawn to the crisp colors. It has a panel resolution of 800x80 and works with aspect ratios of 16x9 and 4x3. Framing my shots became a breeze and I was no longer worried whether I got everything I wanted in the shot or not. Bye-bye on-camera LCD.

Another great feature on the V8000 HDMI is its one click flip ability. This is a great addition as sometimes you may want to see what the scene looks like if it was flipped horizontally or vertically, something easily do-able in post production. Ikan really did a great job with its user interface.


Coming in at just 1.8 pounds, the V8000HDMI is fantastic for handheld use. I literally held it in my hands for most of the day during a recent PSA shoot. Because of its weight it’s a great monitor for run-and-gun shoots when time is of the essence.

Some may think because of its lightweight this monitor is probably fragile. I disagree. I put it through the rigors without a scratch. With proper care and handling there will not be an issue with this baby. The monitor also comes in a strong metal briefcase with cutout adding for a snug fit.


We all know HD is here to stay, but just in case you need it, the V8000HDMI also works with with standard def. Ikan did a great job of providing owners of the V8000- HDMI with many options for its use. The monitor comes with HDMI, component, S-video and composite inputs. Do you use a variety of cameras in your work? No problem. Another great feature on this monitor is its many power options for many different cameras. Its battery adapter plates provide the use of batteries from Sony, Canon, JVC and Panasonic. V mount and gold mount are also a possibility. The monitor, of course, comes with 24- and 12-volt input.

The V8000HDMI also features 100mm VESA mounting threads. This gives the user several options, including using a metal rack for several of these fine monitors. This is definitely a monitor you will get your money out of.


The pros of the monitor are: its sub $1,000 price tag, an HDMI connection, it’s super lightweight, extremely crisp and clear images, and the ability to use several different battery types.

The only con of the product that I could see is someone thinking its construction is cheap due to its plastic housing.

The consensus? A sub $1,000 high definition monitor with HDMI and multiple battery options? This user gives the V8000HDMI two huge thumbs up. With a picture that’s crisp and clear, the extreme  low weight and the ability to work with many different camera sources makes this baby is huge winner.

Don’t listen to those who say this baby is fragile, because it’s not. Professionals always take care of their equipment or least they should. Ikan created a top-notch monitor here. You’ll get your money’s worth and have a keeper for a long time.

David Basulto is a Producer/Director with Clarity Pictures in South Pasadena, CA. He can be reached at: