Issue: December 1, 2009


For several years now, our December issue has taken a SWOT focus, looking at the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the different post markets. On our Website this month, we offer a “bonus” SWOT, where pros comment on the studio business itself. Here’s a look at what some had to say…
STRENGTHS: “A strength is our tried and proven methods that can be carried over to new workflows,” says Terry Curren of Burbank’s  AlphaDogs. “We already know how to do storytelling by editing. We know how to make sound good. We know how to handle media management and do color correction. We have that skill set and can carry that to new workflows easily.”
WEAKNESSES: “Our weaknesses are the perception of our client base and our overall baggage,” notes Richard Cormier of RingSide Creative in Oak Park, MI. “The challenge for current or past post production owners is to make sure those things are not in the way of going forward. [Another] thing that can get in the way is to not recognize that there is a new breed of players or entrants into the business. They are playing on the same playing field. Especially regarding the digital platforms.”
OPPORTUNITIES: “The Hispanic market is an area of great potential,” says Nancy Shames of Crew Cuts in NYC. “One of our editors was recently brought in on some major campaigns for brands like Verizon, Home Depot and the NFL. Work like this helps post houses grow, not only financially, but also culturally and creatively. It’s about understanding the subtleties of another culture, and letting that knowledge and inspiration translate through the work.”
THREATS: “The biggest threat is the pace at which technology is evolving,” adds Richard Jastrow of Paramount Pictures, Post Facilities & Services in Hollywood. “Once we commit to something — and there is a capital expenditure involved — we’re stuck with what it is that we committed to for at least a period of three years. That’s been the biggest threat to all of my businesses to be honest. I can’t always commit to the return on investment because every day there’s a new workflow.”