Current Issue
April 2016
Issue: December 1, 2009


Alex Moulton
Creative Director
Expansion Team
New York

STRENGTHS: “The greatest strength of Expansion Team continues to be our authentic approach to music production — using top artists, songwriters, producers, bands and DJs to make music that truly speaks to the right audience.

“The greatest strength of our industry is our collective desire to be more creative with each passing day, no matter what the circumstances. 2009 really proved that creativity doesn’t have to suffer when budgets drop. I think 2010 will bring better budgets and allow a return to some of the more elaborate creative ideas that were limited this year.”

WEAKNESSES: “Our greatest weakness at Expansion Team is that we care too much. It hurts to pitch new business and not win. Thankfully our win rate is high. The industry’s greatest weakness is that, as a whole, it follows pop culture instead of leading it. Of course there are exceptions, but I would love to see our industry create more trends instead of chasing them.”

OPORTUNITIES: “[The opportunity for us] is increased exposure. We’re the best-kept secret of many agency producers, but I expect this year the secret will be out. The opportunity for the industry will be to push the boundaries of what’s possible by tying in new technology to traditional print and TV campaigns. I think we’re just at the beginning of being able to deliver better content and messaging to consumers in a more personal way.”

THREATS: “The greatest threat to Expansion Team would be a slow recovery for the US economy, and I think this is a universal truth for for all vendors, small and large.

“The greatest threat for the industry in 2010 will be a shift in consumer’s attention from TV to other less quantifiable media. Although I think this is also the greatest opportunity for new creative.”