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Issue: June 1, 2013

Broadcast Design: 'Gridiron Outdoors'

DALLAS — Already Been Chewed ( recently partnered with the Signal Factory to design a new 3D broadcast graphics package for the second season of the series, Gridiron Outdoors. The series airs on the Outdoors Channel and features both college and NFL athletes as they head into the wild or onto the water for hunting and fishing adventures.
Already Been Chewed created a large centerpiece within an arena environment that would pop up from the center of the field and reveal the new logo as well as clips of the show on video screens. Barton Damer, ABC’s designer and founder, says the idea was to combine outdoor 3D graphics elements, such as wood typography, fishing nets and tree trunks, in combination with more traditional sports graphics imagery that involved mechanical screens and surrounding arena elements.

Starting with a 2D vector logo for the show, supplied by the Signal Factory, ABC used Maxon Cinema 4D to create a 3D model and supporting elements. After a few days, ABC was able to hand off a finished 3D scene to The Signal Factory, where they completed the animation and final delivery.