November 1, 2017

  • 10-Nov-2017
    November 2017
    In This Issue:
    - VFX: Thor: Ragnarok
    - Director's Chair:  Thor: Ragnarok's Taika Waititi
    - Restoration: Night of the Living Dead, Scarface & The Godfather
    - Audio: Blade Runner 2049
    - Review: Boxx's Apexx 4 workstation
    ...and much more!!


  • Director's Chair: Taika Waititi - <i>Thor: Ragnarok</i>
    Director's Chair: Taika Waititi - Thor: Ragnarok

    The “God of Thunder” is back, although you may not recognize him at first without his trademark long locks and hammer. But then, a lot has changed since his last outing, the 2013 global blockbuster, T ...

    November 10, 2017


  • <I>Thor: Ragnarok</I>: Framestore delivers climactic final sequence
    Thor: Ragnarok: Framestore delivers climactic final sequence

    LONDON — Framestore reunited with Marvel Studios to deliver the climactic final act of Thor: Ragnarok, producing 459 shots of heavy-duty VFX and a host of fully-CG characters. The film was directed by ...

    November 9, 2017

  • Hammer Time!
    Hammer Time!

    The Marvel juggernaut continues to steamroll its way over the box office competition as the studio releases yet another offering from its Marvel Cinematic Universe — Thor: Ragnarok. The Thor franchise ...

    November 10, 2017

  • RSP details its <I>Thor: Ragnarok</I> work
    RSP details its Thor: Ragnarok work

    ADELAIDE, SOUTH AUSTRALIA — Rising Sun Pictures ( created more than 170 final visual effects shots for Thor: Ragnarok ¸ the new film from Marvel Studios. Working under the supervision of di ...

    November 9, 2017

  • Winners announced in Filmsupply Challenge
    Winners announced in Filmsupply Challenge

    Musicbed ( and Filmsupply ( recently announced the winners of their “2017 Filmsupply Challenge,” a free competition that gave editors a chance to win a part of a pr ...

    November 15, 2017

Web Exclusives

  • Open House: MJH Studios
    Open House: MJH Studios

    CRANBERRY, NJ — MJH Studios (, the healthcare media, education and market research company, opened a new production facility last March. The company was founded in 1999 by Michael ...

    November 17, 2017


  • Review: Boxx's Apexx 4 Workstation
    Review: Boxx's Apexx 4 Workstation

    The past 12 to 24 months of computer development have inserted more uncertainty about which operating system and editing platform to choose than I can recall since around 2008 to 2010. At that time, F ...

    November 14, 2017