Issue: Show Daily - Apr 10, 2003


LAS VEGAS - Deer Park, NY's Forecast Consoles, a manufacturer of technical furniture, launched MasteRail at NAB, a new concept in technical furniture that allows for flexible furniture layouts and design configurations.

Using MasteRail studios can simply and inexpensively transition to new gear and displays, including 16x9, plasma and LCD.

The MasteRail system integrates a pre-engineered, steel-frame superstructure with a proprietary aluminum extrusion serving as the "spine" of the console. All devices are universally attached to the spine allowing for the random or specific placement of equipment. A variety of finished materials can be applied to the framework to achieve any desired look or style.

"MasteRail is our most advanced, innovative and well-thought-out system yet," says Forecast Consoles president Bill Haberman. "In today's economic climate, we are delighted to debut a functional and elegant system that safeguards against obsolescence. As needs change, MasteRail furniture can be modified, reconfigured or re-purposed by ordering parts, not replacing the console."