Issue: Show Daily - Apr 7, 2003


LAS VEGAS - Menlo Park, CA's Accom brought its new Abekas Dveous/MX to this year's NAB, providing broadcast pros with the ability to create SD or HD digital video effects from the same box. The system features the same familiar dedicated control panel found on predecessor Dveous systems, so existing users will have nothing new to learn. At the same time, buttons are grouped by functionality and color, helping new users get up to speed quickly.

Standard features include UltraWarp, SurfaceFX, SuperShadow, TimeFrame Effects Editor, retouch color correctors, OrbitalFX, Supermatte, SpiralFX, Target FrameStore, wide range defocus and Solid Builder.

Dveous/MX can be set to work as a Dual T win system in standard definition (525 or 625) or with a simple setting change, can be transformed for 720, 1035 or 1080 frame rates. Users can select from three configurations. The Dual Twin SD system can be upgraded to a Dual Twin HD system all from within the same chassis. Each Dveous/MX system comes with at least one channel of HD. If more HD capabilities are needed, they can be added via upgrades.