Issue: Show Daily - Apr 7, 2003


LAS VEGAS - Pinnacle Systems, based in Mountain View, CA, is showing a new PC-based nonlinear editor/compositor at this year's NAB show. Liquid Chrome combines Pinnacle's Targa 3000 editing hardware and K2 3D DVE module with the company's Liquid editing and effects application to create a realtime, turnkey system that will be priced around $25,000.

Liquid Chrome is positioned just above the company's Silver NLE (which can be upgraded to Liquid Chrome for $14K) and includes Pinnacle's Commotion tool for compositing. The system uses MPEG-2 4:2:2, uncompressed and DV 25 codecs, and features four realtime video streams, as well as unlimited layering capabilities. It also comes with Pinnacle's TitleDeko character generator, Impression DVD authoring tool and Liquid CX color corrector. Liquid Chrome is expected to start shipping soon after NAB.