Issue: Show Daily - Apr 8, 2003


LAS VEGAS - Artesia Technologies and Telestream have partnered with BBDO New York ( to implement a digital media management and workflow automation system, allowing users to easily access, use and repurpose material while working to develop new programs and campaigns. BBDO execs were on hand at NAB to outline the use of the system.

Essentially, post houses would encode and submit content digitally via Telestream's Clipmail Pros to BBDO, which would be captured by Telestream's FlipFactory server and transcoded into QuickTime, DV, Avid and MPEG formats with keyframes being extracted for rough-cut edits.

Once captured, Artesia's Teams asset management system provides BBDO with online access to the material. Teams also allows users to edit, transform and distribute nearly any type of digital asset from their desktop, which includes the delivery to hundreds of Telestream ( ClipExpress systems that were purchased to replace VTRs and provide broadcast-quality viewing across BBDO. BBDO New York expects to add 1 TB of storage annually to its system. BBDO is looking to offer the system to all BBDO North America offices; each would store their individual materials.