Issue: Show Daily - Apr 8, 2003


LAS VEGAS - Montreal-based Discreet unveiled its new turnkey color grading product Lustre at NAB, which was developed in conjunction with Colorfront in Budapest, Hungary, and targeted at the digital intermediate workflow.

Based around the Colorfront color grading system Colossus that was marketed by now-defunct 5D Solutions, Lustre is a high-performance grading system with realtime playback of up to 2K, 10-bit RGB data. It offers a rich feature set that provides almost infinite precision and adjustment from advanced tracking and keying tools to noise reduction and rotoscoping that can be performed on a single scene or an entire feature film.

The Colorfront technology has been ported to a new hardware architecture and can integrate into the workflow of other Discreet and third-party systems, maintaining metadata throughout.

"As digital cinema and digital intermediates are becoming more popular, users wanted a software-based solution to give them more flexibility," says Maurice Patel, Discreet systems product marketing manager. "This will allow users to do color correction anytime in the process and at the final step you just alter it a little."

Lustre is a nonlinear system that has full monitor calibration and can simultaneously drive a calibrated DLP projector. It offers support for standard film scans, including Cineon and DPX. Lustre is slated to be released in the summer at a price point similar to its other systems products.