Issue: Show Daily - Apr 8, 2003


LAS VEGAS - Waterloo, Ontario's Inscriber ( is showing two new products at this year's NAB show. Inca CG is a new tool in its character generator line and allows broadcasters to create and display clocks and bugs on a single channel, as well as dissolve between clips which reside on any surface of Inca CG's multilayer composited graphics.

The system also allows users to input both key and fill for capture or video pass and use it as part of the compositing stream. Inca CG provides realtime transitions using images as mattes without the use of an NLE system. It can also apply 3D effects such as warps, twists and page curls to backgrounds, text or graphics.

The other new product is Inscriber InfoCaster, a turnkey solution for creating digital signage. The tool allows users to quickly create multi-zone layouts integrating crawls, rolls, animations, clocks, video and audio clips.