Issue: Show Daily - Apr 8, 2003


LAS VEGAS - San Antonio's NewTek has unveiled Version 3 of its Video Toaster, which includes "hundreds" of new features and workflow enhancements.

V.3 features realtime, multi-format editing with integration and compositing with 3D positioning, rotation and scaling of layers. The Toaster Edit feature offers spline-based control of all animateable parameter and files can now be imported into all mainstream 3D, editing, compositing, streaming and DVD authoring applications with no rendering. Toaster originated projects can be used directly within any application that supports AVI files with no conversion or rendering.

The graphics generator includes hundreds of new effects and more than a hundred broadcast quality fonts. Video output can be automatically calibrated to color bars or to the input video.

New features include the ability to mix and match and combination of uncompressed, compressed and any DV formats in realtime; full 3D control of layer position and rotation with shadow, color correction and other effects, enhanced DV support; import and export EDLs from Grass Valley, CMX Sony and Excel; improved user interface; and zebra stripes for 751RE and illegal colors.

V.3 will be shown at NAB and will ship shortly after. V.2 users will be able to upgrade for $595. For new users, V.3 will cost a minimum of $2,995.