Issue: Show Daily - Jul 29, 2003

RealViz debuts MatchMover Professsional 3.0

SAN DIEGO - RealViz, the maker of image processing software, is showing Version 3.0 of its MatchMover Professional automatic tracking software at the show, with plans to release Windows, Linux and Mac OS X versions of the tool late this summer. RealViz is also offering a short-term rental program, which will enable studios to access the tracking technology at a reduced price point.

MatchMover Professional V. 3.0 features an enhanced interface, along with a collection of new features. Added capabilities include the handling of motion control data; 3D object model-based tracking; 3D tracking of cameras and multiple objects in the same session; the handling of survey points; a new graph editor toolbox; and motion capture capabilities.

RealViz will soon begin offering a short-term rental program for those looking to take advantage of MatchMover's capabilities. The program will be based around a coupon system, with each coupon enabling users to rent MatchMover Professional Corsica (and V. 3.0 on its release) for 30 days. Coupons will also entitle the user to a rebate toward the purchase of MatchMover Professional Corsica, and V.3.0.

MatchMover Pro Corsica is currently available for the Windows

NT/2000 platform for $7,499. Current owners of MatchMover Professional Corsica will qualify for an automatic upgrade to V. 3.0 upon its release. Owners of MatchMover 2 Professional are able to upgrade to Corsica for $2,499 US, and will also be entitled to receive Version 3.0 on its release in late summer 2003.