Issue: Show Daily - Jul 29, 2003

da Vinci displays color correction, restoration tools

SAN DIEGO- Coral Springs, FL's da Vinci Systems is at this year's SIGGRAPH with its 2K Soft software for realtime color correction for digital film labs, visual effects facilities, digital intermediate workstations and any other workstation environment where images are already digitized. 2K Soft reads DPX and RGB files of any resolution and can interface directly with products from Discreet, Quantel and Thomson.

Revival, da Vinci's standalone restoration application, is also on display at the show. The tool runs on the SGI platform and contains both automatic and interactive processing tools. Revival for Discreet is a software application that is used in conjunction with Discreet/SGI applications. It too contains automatic and interactive tools for the removal of dirt, blotches, dropouts and noise.