Issue: Show Daily - Jul 30, 2003

ATI adds to family of graphics accelerators

SAN DIEGO - ATI is adding to its family of graphics cards with new offerings that extend the range from top to bottom. The company's graphics accelerators are compatible with the Windows and Linux platforms and are designed to provide realtime rendering and preview.

At SIGGRAPH, ATI is showing its new T2-128, an entry-level card for DCC and CAD applications featuring powerful performance for only $379. Optimized for applications such as NewTek LightWave, the T2-128 features a 128MB DDR and 400MHz/325MHz (core/memory). ATI has also introduced the X2-256, a high-end board - priced at $999 - that is designed for CAD, DCC, games and visual simulation. ATI reps say the X2-256 is optimized for applications such as Alias Maya and Softimage|XSI. The board offers a 30 to 50 percent increase in performance over mid-ranged products, 256MB of DDR memory and 378MHz/315MHz (core/memory). The high-end X2 will begin shipping on August 14th, while the T2 will ship today. Both offer DirectX 9.0 support.

At the show, ATI is also showing a collection of FireGL mobile workstations that integrate the company's current architecture in a laptop form factor.