Issue: Show Daily - Jul 30, 2003

Eyetronics gets mobile with facial mocap services

SAN DIEGO ­ Los Angeles-based Eyetronics (, makers of a facial motion capture system that records a performance using a digital video or HDTV camera, is now offering on-site, mobile services. The mobile system makes it easy to arrange a capture session at any location, reducing overall costs and logistical complexity.

Eyetronics' system uses an image-based system to capture an actor's detailed facial movement and textures ­ such as wrinkles. The captured data is then processed using Eyetronics' proprietary software to reconstruct the 3D shape and textures in high resolution on a frame-by-frame basis. The resolution and quality of the data is directly related to the quality of the camera equipment.

Santa Maria, CA's Computer Café recently used Eyetronics technology for its work on "The League of Extraordinary Gentleman." They had to re-create an actor's facial performance after principal filming was completed.