Issue: Show Daily - Jul 30, 2003

NXN updates film production/asset management tool

SAN DIEGO - NXN Software < a target="_blank" href=""> is at the show with Version 2.0 of its Alienbrain VFX. Alienbrain VFX 2.0 is a production/asset management tool that is based on NXN's Alienbrain Studio application for videogame development.

NXN launched Alienbrain VFX at last year's SIGGRAPH show and has spent the past year developing the tool, which is designed specifically for feature film applications.

The system stores, manages and protects all files that are generated during a film's production, including models, textures, storyboards, design drawings, animatics, production notes, scanned elements, audio files, sound effects and music. Alienbrain VFX supports multiple platforms, allowing studios to continue their work with their preferred content creation tools, be it on Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, SGI or Solaris platforms.

The tool integrates with 2D and 3D tools, and NXN is providing

APIs for customized integration with proprietary tools. The new VFX release is scalable to tens or terabytes of production data and millions of objects. It supports several hundred users per server.

Due to the customizable nature of Alienbrain VFX, its cost will depend on the number of users, hardware and software configurations and the specific workflow used by the production team.