Issue: Show Daily - Jul 31, 2003

DVS presents realtime edit solutions

San Diego - DVS is showing developments to its on-set capturing system CineControl along with its realtime editing workstation Clipster. CineControl is a portable digital film capturing system that stores uncompressed HD data from any professional HD camera in realtime. At the show, DVS is demonstrating a touch-screen user interface, along with a remote control unit that facilitates control of the system from up to 300 meters.

DVS's realtime Windows-based editing system Clipster allows users to work with clips of different resolutions on one timeline. The system combines the project material regardless of resolution, color space or bit depth. The workstation processes uncompressed data in resolutions of up to 2K in realtime, enabling the editor to receive instant feedback on the quality of his work. The output format from SD to 2K can be selected at any time.

In the development of the user interface, the DVS team focused on the ergonomics to give the editor room for the creative process. Clipster is Windows-based so it is open to popular effects software.