Issue: Show Daily - Jul 31, 2003

Splutterfish releases V.1.2 of Brazil renderer

SAN DIEGO æ Splutterfish, the maker of high-end 3D rendering software solutions, has released Version 1.2 of its Brazil rendering system. The release includes advancements such as distributed rendering, advanced shadow plug-ins, and advanced skin shader and improvements to the Brazil Toon shader.

Version 1.2 integrates with Discreet's 3DS Max (3/4/5), as well as with Autodesk's visualization software, Viz. It is available immediately and is priced at $1,200 for the Artist Bundle, which includes licenses for three computers æ one workstation and two render-nodes. A Renderfarm Bundle is also available for four computers (four render-node licenses) at a cost of $750.