Issue: Show Daily - Apr 20, 2004

Aurora Video Systems announces PipeHD card

Aurora Video Systems announced the release of its new PipeHD capture and editing card, an affordable solution for high-performance HD editing. This latest addition to the Aurora Pipe product family allows users to take advantage of the RT Extreme capabilities within Final Cut Pro, while providing the option to work in either high definition or SD modes. Like all Aurora products, the PipeHD is built on the company's years of experience developing technology engineered exclusively for Macintosh systems and QuickTime applications.

The card's SDI input enables editors to connect directly to a DigiBeta deck, and two SDI outputs allow for a direct connection to an external video monitor, and to a digital deck controlled via the PipeHD's RS-422 serial port. Additionally, users can monitor video via either composite, S-Video, or component analog outputs. A genlock input is provided for synchronization to studio equipment, or the deck can lock onto an internal genlock signal produced by the PipeHD.

In addition to outputting two channels of 24-bit, 48-kHz analog audio for monitoring purposes, the PipeHD features four channels of high-quality, 48-kHz SPDIF (AES/EBU compatible) digital audio I/O. PipeHD also supports up to eight channels of 48KHz audio embedded in the SDI inputs and outputs. A second desktop feature allows editors to view and manipulate video in other applications, such as Adobe Photoshop and After Effects, and then see how it will appear when output by the PipeHD card. This card is slated to ship in June and is listed at $ 1,499.