Issue: Show Daily - Apr 20, 2004

Cintel showing new scanner and noise reduction tool

HERTFORDSHIRE, UK - Cintel, ( the maker of motion picture film scanners, has brought two new products to this year's NAB show (C11506). DataMill is the company's new high-quality, economical film scanner designed for users that want to work in the data environment. Priced at $575K, the system is capable of scanning at both 2K and 4K resolutions. Operating at 2K, the DataMill can scan 15 frames per second.

ImageMill, Cintel's new platform for running image-manipulation applications, also debuts at the show. The first application created for the environment is Grace-in-a-box, a grain reduction tool base on Cintel's Grace proprietary grain reduction system. The application provides users with the same power as the built-in system, along with the added flexibility of running in the tape-to-tape or disc-to-disc environment.

Grace-in-a-box works at all resolutions (SD through 2K and 4K data), and is film gauge and image format independent.

The company is exhibiting at booth C11506.