Issue: Show Daily - Apr 20, 2004

Leitch to launch VelocityHD NLE at NAB

TORONTO - Leitch ( has unveiled its new HD/SD nonlinear editor at this year's NAB (SU9868). The Windows-based VelocityHD system is a combination of the company's new Altitude hardware and its editing software. VelocityHD promises realtime high definition performance.

The new Altitude hardware allows for playback two HD video streams, two dynamic HD graphics streams, and dual-stream, realtime HD transitions and effects. Altitude supports 1080i, 1080psf and 720p frame formats at all common frame rates. It also allows users to mix compressed and uncompressed footage within a project. Its VGA HD output allows for HD playback on VGA monitors, reducing the need for expensive HD displays. HD output is also simultaneously downconverted for monitoring on standard definition displays.

A base system of a board-set and software will be available for under $10K. The optional A3DX 3D DVE module adds one channel of realtime HD 3D DVE and four channels of realtime standard definition 3D effects. Leitch plans to shipping VelocityHD this summer.