Issue: Show Daily - Apr 20, 2004

da Vinci demos Resolve software-based color corrector

CORAL SPRINGS, FL - Color correction specialist da Vinci Systems ( is demonstrating its new Resolve programmable, software-based color enhancement product line at NAB2004 (C9117).

The scalable product family includes the Resolve FX, Resolve DI and Resolve RT configurations, which are optimized for use in visual effects, digital intermediate, and realtime 2K processing applications, respectively. The Resolve systems streamline production by combining da Vinci's color enhancement technology with online conforming to perform the color correction and editing processes in tandem.

"We've engineered Resolve so that color correction decisions are linked directly to the clip, allowing the user to move scenes around and build or refine an edit decision list nonlinearly, without worrying about losing any color enhancement data in the process," explains David Catt, da Vinci's Resolve product manager. "Conversely, the flexibility of Resolve means that the colorist can load an EDL and color correct scenes in the order that they'll appear in the final product, rather than the order in which they were shot. This translates into more accurate color enhancements that flow seamlessly from one scene to the next without requiring a second round of adjustments as would be necessary with a linear-based system."

The resolution-independent system has multiple configurations to support offline/online workflows to manage color decisions efficiently and reduce production costs. The Resolve offline configuration allows users to set basic color parameters or perform "panning and scanning" functions in preparation for final adjustments in a programmable, hardware-based color enhancement suite. A Resolve configuration is available as a pre-conform station in which users can cross-check the offline and online masters to correct any errors before starting the color enhancement rendering.

The first configuration in the product line, Resolve FX, is streamlined for network-based visual effects production and can be upgraded for faster throughput as a facility's needs evolve. The software operates on a Linux platform and features a single monitor, signal and picture monitoring, and the da Vinci joyball panel. Optimized for digital intermediate applications, Resolve DI additionally includes the da Vinci Powerhouse render-farm, connected via Ethernet for realtime processing of video resolution images stored as data on a server. For facilities mastering films in 2K resolution and higher, Resolve RT integrates a da Vinci high-speed wide-band fabric to achieve realtime 2K processing. Resolve RT supports three separate monitors for signal monitoring, picture monitoring, and the GUI.