Issue: Show Daily - Apr 21, 2004

MTI Film shows upgrades for DI at NAB

LAS VEGAS - MTI Film ( (SL3413) has unveiled a suite of new and improved applications and partnerships here at NAB. All of MTI's current and new products that are being shown here are built on the Cortex Architecture (Control Dailies, Confirm and Correct). Further expanding its reach in the DI arena, MTI has formed strategic alliances with three companies: Teranex, Bright Systems and Maximum Throughput.

"Two or three years ago MTI began developing a platform, which today we call our Cortex Architecture," says MTI Film's CEO, Bill Foulkes, "and at that time, working in a pure data environment was considered impossible, and the industry said it wouldn't work."

MTI 's Cortex Architecture is a digital intermediate platform that enables scalable solutions for imaging processing and provides an affordable pathway for creating a digital intermediate environment. It is also a way to deliver the next wave of quality in creating a universal master in a fully data-centric environment in 2K, 4K and beyond. Cortex Architecture includes telecine control, VTR emulation and metadata management. Cortex Architecture is also format and resolution independent.

MTI developed products such as Control Dailies off of the Cortex Architecture platform. It is a PC-based, frame-accurate, calibrated telecine and audio control environment that streamlines telecine operations during the transfer of dailies. Control Dailies is an inexpensive gateway to a full digital intermediate environment that dramatically reduces costs by eliminating the transfer bottleneck in the synchronization of film and sound.

P>Confirm, an automatic tape-to-tape system, uses the same platform. The system allows facilities to report in realtime any video drop-out, audio pop, or break in timecode during the duplication process as well as receive automatic proxy verification of source and record elements logged with difference matte error display and QC list accept/reject editing.

"In our execution of MTI's overall vision for creating a full DI environment - which includes the development of Control Dailies, Confirm and Correct 3.0 - we have formed significant partnerships with our products." Partnering with Teranex will allow its Correct product to reach a broader market. MTI created alliances with storage companies such as Bright Systems and Maximum Throughput in order to show that a scalable DI environment is achievable when tied to inexpensive, high-speed storage.

Correct is a digital restoration system that was introduced to the market six years ago. "Correct 3.0 is significantly more user friendly," says Foulkes. "It has enhanced applications, better speed, better user interface and better file management. It is more robust and has a diverse set of files that can be managed."