Issue: Show Daily - Apr 21, 2004

Wondertouch intros ParticleIllusion plug-in for After Effects

LAS VEGAS ­ Today, Wondertouch (, a software developer specializing in affordable, high performance particle effects tools, announced that it is presently developing a new ParticleIllusion plug-in for Adobe After Effects. The plug-in will afford motion graphics and visual effects professionals working in the film post production, commercial broadcast and Web graphics industries to easily access the ParticleIllusion 3.0 engine directly from within the Adobe After Effects environment to efficiently add and modify particle-based effects from the growing ParticleIllusion library.

"The upcoming release of the ParticleIllusion plug-in for After Effects marks a significant step forward in Wondertouch's strategy to deliver powerful solutions that greatly optimize creative performance and increase productivity," says Alan Lorence, president of Wondertouch. "For the past several years, many of our customers have been using the standalone version of ParticleIllusion as a companion product to After Effects. With this plug-in, creative professionals will be able to access ParticleIllusion's expansive library of preset effects directly from within After Effects ­ without having to re-render effects ­ to effortlessly create such things as interesting and unique backgrounds, transitions and wipes, as well as a huge variety of classic particle effects such as smoke, fire, sparkles and explosions."

Sony Pictures' "Hellboy" used Wondertouch's software for much of its effects work. Eden FX, a leading computer animation and visual effects studio utilized this software for smoke, fire, debris, and explosions.

Both Windows and Mac OS X versions of this plug-in will be available later this summer, with pricing slated to be less than $200 dollars.