Issue: Show Daily - Apr 22, 2004

Euphonix announces major sale

Euphonix ( has sold eight System 5 digital audio mixing systems to Hong Kong's Shaw Brothers. Shaw Brothers is a well-known film company, which helped pioneer Hong Kong's movie industry in the 1920s. They are also a major shareholder of the "Hong Kong Movie City Project," one of the largest state of the art audio post facilities in the world.

The new 100,000-plus square meter complex, currently under construction, will feature full service audio post services including an ADR/Foley stage, a scoring studio, eight audio post mix rooms, a 5.1 dubbing suite and a full feature film 400-seat dubbing theatre.

Hong Kong Movie City director of electronic and electrical operations Eric Stark, has been planning the equipment purchase for the new multi-million-dollar facility. "We spent a lot of time looking at all-digital consoles and chose the System 5 based on its architecture, network capability and the fact that it has a large following in the film community."

Shaw Brothers has released more than 800 films worldwide. Shaw Studios, led by Sir Run Run Shaw, has been a dominate force in the Southeast Asian film market for decades. Founded in Shanghai, the company moved to Singapore in 1927 and during the 1950s Shaw's younger brother established Shaw Studios in Hong Kong, which is often referred to as the "Hollywood of the East."