Issue: Show Daily - Apr 22, 2004

Inscriber intros cost effective character generator, working with Quantel

Inscriber ( has introduced Inca titleOne at this year's NAB(SL4718), an entry-level character generator that uses the same Inca architecture as the company's premium graphics solutions Inca CG and Inca Studio. Inca titleOne provides advanced performance and functionality, including serial digital key and fill I/O with bypass and analog preview.

Inca titleOne features render-free 2D effects, including page-based wipes, pushes, dissolves and rolls and crawls. To support the demands of broadcast environments, automation and MOS support can be added to Inca titleOne for streamlined integration with newsroom automation systems such as AP-ENPS and Avid/iNews. Inca titleOne can also be upgraded to Inca CG and Inca Studio.

In related news, Inca Studio, the company's pro solution, and Inca AutoCG, Inscriber's network graphics solution, are now certified for MOS integration with AP ENPS and Avid iNews newsroom control systems.

The company's character generator capabilities are also being used to provide the graphics engine in Quantel's generationQ, Version2.

With the new capabilities Inscriber has developed for generationQ Version2, broadcasters will be able to manipulate and align graphics and text to create unique styles and effects, such as text on a curve and fine-tuned color modifications. True Type font support also allows for further control over the transparency, grading and angle of text.