Issue: Show Daily - Apr 22, 2004

Lasergraphics showing QuickTime support

Lasergraphics ( is at this year's NAB (SU8825), showing how it has integrated QuickTime into its CineProducer film recorder software. The improvement to the company's Producer series of film recorders makes them one of the few to output 35mm film directly from QuickTime files.

Prior to this release, QuickTime files needed to be converted into individual digital files before being recorded to film. This added step typically delayed a feature film's film-out by 100 hours of processing and required an enormous amount of storage. By recording directly from QuickTime, this step has been eliminated.

CineProducer's user interface enables QuickTime movies to be inserted into a project, after which sequential frames, timecodes, image previews and intensity histograms are immediately displayed. Users can adjust color, black levels, whites levels, gamma saturation and sharpening prior to final film-out. Additionally, the bundled PrintView allows users to preview the final print before they start exposing the negative film.