Issue: Show Daily - Apr 22, 2004

TM Systems' DubStation II simplifies ADR

TM Systems ( has introduced the next generation of its DubStation for use in the ADR environment. The DubStation II, which is being displayed here at the NAB show, incorporates all of the features of the original DubStation - used for more than three years by dubbing facilities - but provides full screen video displays for LCD, Plasma and all projection systems currently available.

According to TM Systems (SU7819) president Ken Lorber, "It became obvious, shortly after introducing the DubStation to the Los Angeles professional marketplace, that many of the features used in language dubbing have direct application for the ADR process, used so heavily in the posting of films and television programs. What had been lacking for the ADR process was the ability to project full screen composite video combined with accompanying text. That upgrade was the basis of the spin off of the DubStation II. The new release now provides that feature and continues to offer the only integrated picture and text imaging available in the industry."

Actors no longer need to shift focus between paper scripts and projected images. The dialogue is configured directly below and on the same focal plane as the film or video. Dialogue can be accessed instantaneously, with no need to input timecodes. Creation of a character dialogue list, in pre-production, automatically enables lines or "loops" to be accessed sequentially and repeated infinitely in session.