Issue: Show Daily - May 3, 2004

Boxx debuts realtime HD editor

AUSTIN, TX - Workstation purveyor Boxx Technologies has put together a realtime HD editing system with many post production features for a price (under $23K) meant to lure more professionals into the high-def world.

The Boxx concoction, known as HD [pro] RT, incorporates CineForm's Prospect HD, which replaces Adobe Premiere Pro's existing video engine, running in Premiere Pro on the Windows XP OS. Boxx's CTO Todd Bryant says the system can do three simultaneous streams and accepts video from a variety of uncompressed 8-bit and 10-bit 4:2:2 sources including HD-SDI and HDV.

The aim is to deliver realtime multi-stream high def processing within Premiere Pro. The new Boxx HD [pro] RT can process three 1080/24p streams simultaneously in realtime and offers color correction on each stream, effects processing, transitions, titles, and graphic overlays with motion.

The HD [pro] RT system comes with up to 2.4TBs of RAID storage. Boxx's HD board specifications include HD-SDI I/O, Genlock sync input and six channels of AES/EBU digital or embedded audio. The hardware configuration includes dual AMD Opteron processors, an Nvidia Quadro FX 500 graphics card and a DVD/CD burner.

Bryant says Boxx is working toward an upgraded solution that will feature 10-bit RGB and be "mathematically lossless."