Issue: Show Daily - May 3, 2004

Maxell extends DVCPRO and DVD-R lines

LAS VEGAS æ Here at the NAB show, Maxell ( has been showing additions to its DVCPRO and DVD-R product lines. Two new DVCPRO cassettes include the DVCPRO-HD tape for the HD television production and the 126-minute DVCPRO 50XL videocassette for extra-long DV recording. Both products are capable of operating in extreme environments, making them the perfect tools for ENG/EFP recording and extended archiving.

With its DVCPRO-HD videocassette, Maxell has improved the intensity of the HD tape's magnetic layer with the adoption of Ceramic Armor Metal particles and a durable binder system. This combination produces a product that is capable of operating in extreme environments. The videocassette's calendaring technology process - which results in high levels of output, low noise and low error rate levels due to excellent C/N - serves to ensure the preservation of the highest quality for both image and sound.

The DVCPRO 50XL takes the durable Ceramic Armor Metal particle construction of the established DVCPRO 50 line and packages it in a tape that is 62 minutes longer than any previously available. This allows users to shoot for an additional hour without having to change the cassette. It also serves as an invaluable asset for extra long archiving, saving space and holding longer projects that would normally have to be broken up over multiple tapes.

DVCPRO-HD products will be available in 33 (M), 64 (L) and 126 (XL) minute lengths; DVCPRO 50 will be available in a 126 (XL) minute length.

The additions to Maxell's DVD-R line include the DVD-R Plus 8X series and the DVD-R Broadcast Quality for professional video and storage apps. The DVD-R line's discs have a 4.7GB capacity and currently support 8X write speeds.

For quality recording and reliable playback, Maxell uses an advanced proprietary organic dye recording layer with the DVD-R Plus series. With a pre-recorded shelf and archival life of more than 50 years, combined with enhanced speed, DVD-R Plus is ideal for professional capacity-intensive projects, multimedia presentations, data transfer and long-term archival storage.

The DVD-R Plus, DVD-R Plus Spindle and DVD-R Broadcast Quality discs are write-compatible with virtually any manufacturer's general-purpose DVD-R drives and recorders. After recording, the discs are read-compatible with DVD-ROM, DVD-Video and DVD-Audio players.