Issue: Show Daily - May 3, 2004

SGI and Dalsa collaborating on 4K workflow solution

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - Silicon Graphics and Dalsa Corporation announced plans to co-develop a new 4K digital workflow solution for the production and post production of motion pictureMs.

Dalsa's Origin camera provides eight million pixels for 4K digital capture and at least 12 stops of exposure latitude. It is considered one of the few cameras capable of performance worthy of the big screen. But with this large amount of data comes demands for increased bandwidth, storage and processing power.

SGI, therefore will work on providing digital infrastructure solutions with the bandwidth, throughout, storage and processing power needed to handle 4K data at every stage of post. This includes editing, compositing, color grading, animation and effects, distributionand archiving. The company's InfiniteStorage Solutions offer shared file system compatibility and provide interoperability to all popular operating systems for interfacing with software application providers.

In related news, Crawford Communications has invested in an SGI InfiniteStorage area network with InfiniteStorage Shared Filesystem CXFS, providing the high bandwidth it needs to streamline its Atlanta facilities.